The C3 Student Ministry exists to educate and lead all of our young men and women in a lifestyle that reflects Jesus Christ. We strive to help one another identify our God given abilities and how to use those effectively to reach out to those around us.

The name C3 comes from Colossians 3:1-17. Everyone is welcome in our group. It's a safe place where teens can come and just be themself as they explore God and develop their faith. We'd love for you to join us!

Jason Creed

Youth and Family Minister


Upcoming events and activities

We love being together! Join us for one of our upcoming events to experience fun, growth, and God in new and exciting ways.

  • Mission of the hills - june 16 - 20

    A Mission Trip to Camp of the Hills in Marble Falls, TX. Camp of the Hills is a Bible camp experience for under privileged students who cannot afford to go to a summer camp. All campers are on full scholarships. Our group serves as the kitchen crew for the week, cooking all meals, serving the tables of campers, and washing all the dishes. What you can expect at Mission of the Hills: Cooking, serving, and cleaning. All day. All week. It's awesome. We also have some free time / devo at night if time allows.


  • CAMP VICTORY - JULY 8 - 13

    A Bible Camp experience for our students. Camp is held at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, TX. This year's theme will come from the book of Revelation. Some of the things you can expect at camp include: Morning camp-songs time, small group Bible study / discussion time, impactful worship moments throughout the day, nightly dynamic learning experiences, fun group activities, amazing food, and free time to play / hang out / visit the coffee shop. 

    This is a spiritually nurturing trip where students can grow in their knowledge and love of Christ!


  • day camp - july 16 - 18

    Day Camp is a 3-day experience jam-packed with fun and learning! What to expect at Day Camp: Morning shenanigans, small group Bible study, lunch, group games, and afternoon swimming time!



    A Bible camp experience in Purdy, Missouri for people with special needs and developmental disabilities. Campers for Week 9 are ages 7-14 and have autism, downs syndrome, or other developmental disabilities. Our missionaries, ages 16-29, serve as 1 on 1 counselors for the week and are responsible for their camper for 23 hours a day. 14-15 year olds serve as barnstormers (kitchen crew), and adults age 30 and up serve as cabin moms and dads.


weekly gatherings

We meet together three times a week to hang out, worship, and learn together. Find out more below about our weekly schedule.

REVIVE - Sundays @ 9:00am

REVIVE is our new Sunday morning learning moment for 5th-12th grade students. It begins at 9:00am, coinciding with Connect Groups for parents and first service each week. Families are encouraged to attend second service together (10:45am), and enjoy hanging out in the game room between Revive and when service begins.

five thirty - sundays @ 5:30pm

FIVE THIRTY is our Sunday night worship experience for 5th-12th grade students. After worshiping together, we have some free time to hang out / play and eat snacks. FIVE THIRTY ends at 7:15pm. 

Parents are encouraged to join a connect group, many of which meet from 5:30-7:00 on Sunday nights. Some adult Connect Groups meet at the building, while others meet off campus.

JOURNEY - Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

JOURNEY is our Wednesday night gathering where there's something for everyone. Families are invited to enjoy a meal together at 6:00pm each Wednesday night. At 6:30, we break up into groups for classes: Kids Crossing students (children up to 4th grade), Club 56 students (5th-6th), C3 students (7th-12th), and adults.  Classes wrap up at 7:45pm.  Come JOURNEY with us this week.