What is Celebrate Recovery?

“You may think recovery is only for drug addicts and alcoholics—people whose lives seem out of control. But that’s just not true. The Bible teaches that all of us have addictions in our lives. Sin is addicting, and the Bible says, “all have sinned.” Not one of us is perfect. We’ve all blown it: we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve hurt ourselves, we’ve hurt other people and others have hurt us.

Because of sin, each of us needs repentance and recovery in order to live the way God intended. That’s why, years ago, the Saddleback church developed a Biblical recovery program based on the Beatitudes of Jesus. The program is Celebrate Recovery.

The goal of the Celebrate Recovery program is not simply to recover from past sins and hurts. The goal is to become Christ-like in our character.

So no matter what situation you find yourself in, here’s good news: regardless of whether your problem is emotional, financial, relational, spiritual, sexual or whatever, regardless of what you need help with, God wants to help you.

The reality is that you’re not going to get well on your own. Persistent temptations must be team-tackled through community. We need each other. Trying to fix your problems on your own only makes them worse than they were when you started. But there’s hope. God is ready and waiting to help you if you let him.”

Dr. Rick Warren

Senior Pastor Saddleback Church

Author: “The Purpose Driven Life”

Every week on Tuesdays

We meet every Tuesday night in the Youth Room at CrossPoint from 6:30-8:30pm.  


6:30 - Worship, Teaching/Testimony


7:15 - Men's and Women's Share Groups

Child care provided.

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