At CrossPoint Youth, we're all about living like Jesus and helping each other identify our God-given abilities to spread love. Our youth group is based on Colossians 3:1-17, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us on this journey. It's a safe and chill space where teens can come as they are and grow in their faith.

In addition to our regular meetings, we have tons of fun events and activities throughout the year. From game nights to movie marathons to service projects, there's always something going on. We believe that having a good time together is an essential part of building a strong community and deepening our relationships with one another and with God.

At CrossPoint Youth, we're all about supporting each other, having fun, and learning how to be more like Jesus. So if you're looking for a place to belong, come check us out! We can't wait to meet you.

If you're interested in learning more about CrossPoint Youth, hit up our Youth Minister Matt Law.

Monthly Parent Tip Videos

Every month, you'll discover a fresh Parent Tip Video aimed at providing spiritual guidance for your teenage child. We understand that navigating the challenges of adolescence can feel overwhelming, and at CPY, we aim to serve as a valuable resource in assisting you with your teenager's journey in life and faith.


Upcoming Trips

  • Jr/Sr Trip (Current 11th & 12th Grade Students): Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! We'll start by ziplining over the breathtaking Palo Duro Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of Texas. Then, we'll hit the rapids of the Rio Grande River for some exhilarating white water rafting. Amidst the excitement, we'll gather each night for spiritual devotionals, delving into the principles of youth leadership. And all of this takes place against the stunning backdrop of New Mexico's scenic beauty. Get set for a journey you'll remember for a lifetime! Dates for 2024: June 27-30

  • Mission of the Hills (6th-12th Grade Students): A mission trip focused on cooking and serving underprivileged kids involves volunteers gathering early in the morning to prepare nutritious meals for the day ahead. The kitchen would be a hive of activity as volunteers chop vegetables, stir pots, and bake bread, with the goal of providing delicious food to children who may not have access to such meals otherwise. Throughout the day, volunteers would also set up communal spaces for the children to eat, and distribute snacks and additional meals as needed. Despite the tiring work, the experience can be incredibly rewarding, providing an opportunity to use culinary skills to make a real difference in the lives of others while building connections and relationships that can last a lifetime. Dates for 2024: June 16-22

  • Camp Eagle (6th-12th Grade Students): Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, Texas is the ultimate outdoor adventure paradise, spanning over 1,400 acres of awesome hill country terrain. You can do everything from rock climbing to zip-lining, kayaking to mountain biking - they seriously have it all! And the staff there are super cool and know how to make sure everyone's having a blast. Plus, the accommodations include cozy cabins. With a strong Christian foundation, there are faith-based programs for all people. So, if you're looking for a wicked summer camp experience that's fun and spiritually uplifting, Camp Eagle is where it's at! Dates for 2024: July 8-13

  • Team Ascend (9th-12th Grade Students): Climbing Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, can be an exhilarating experience that requires proper planning and preparation. The journey may start with a scenic drive through the mountains to reach the trailhead, followed by a physically demanding climb that takes anywhere from 5-10 hours. As you ascend, you may encounter rocky terrain, steep inclines, and changing weather conditions. Reaching the summit, at an elevation of 14,440 feet, is a remarkable achievement that can be celebrated with prayer and reflection on God's creation. The stunning panoramic views from the summit remind us of God's majesty and power, and the climb itself can test our physical endurance and mental fortitude. The descent can be just as challenging, so it's important to stay alert and take your time. Ultimately, climbing Mount Elbert can be a meaningful experience that strengthens our faith and appreciation for God's wondrous works. Dates for 2024: July 26-August 3 Please Click Here for the packing list and Medical Release.